One of the best programs I have participated in. It opened my eyes to some opportunities which now I can execute.

Marketing Director

Examples of what I have gathered during the course and implemented in our day to day work: usage of web site measuring and monitoring tools – Google analytics, social networks – Facebook account created for one of our biggest campaigns “ A step for the Heart” – counts almost 6,000 fans. Digital has really changed our external presentation and has given us the opportunity to reach out to wider public on a daily basis at a very low cost.

Corporate Communications Director

The training will be very useful for us on our macro level in setting up the new organization. Besides, we would be able to use it for our micro strategy in terms of establishing new procedure, analysis, monitoring of KA customers though their classification, strategy development, development of skills and internal processes, joint planning. We also had the chance to exchange ideas with colleagues from other industries and countries through different exercises. The plan is that on regular KA meetings we go through some of these subjects and pass the knowledge we got to KA personnel.

Sales Director
Bambi Banat

It totally met my expectation and now i know what are the problem issues for companies locally, which i can use in favour of our agency.

Account Manager
Saatchi & Saatchi

It was excellent chance to know more about contemporary trends in display advertising and I also learnt a lot about SEO. TBC bank Website development manager The best training course if you want to get hands-on techniques for improving digital presence.

Web Engagement Manager
Bank Of Georgia

On behalf of CC HBC participants I would like to thank you very much for the possibility of participation. It was a very fruitful experience, which brought new ideas and view on modern marketing. I hope our company will take all the best of it. In general we are very satisfied with taking part and for sure would recommend your services to other companies.

Marketing Director
Coca Cola HBC

Full range overview of all online tactics and strategies, including trends and developments in healthcare. Open discussion based on individual tactic ratings & preferences and group discussion determining which tactics are most effective to reach the set company based on feasibility. It is a real Wakeupcall ! All of this made working with OGI a joy, so I highly recommend as a welcome addition to companies' internal curriculum.

Brand Manager
Gedeon Richter

Got some great ideas & best practices on how to create a social media calendar, measure the impact of SM and how to stop selling and start sharing. Fantastic.

Employer Branding Specialist

I have learned about who the right people are to talk to, how deep to go into and what kind of analytical tools to use when it comes to my buyers.

Area Sales Manager

We have learned all essential strategies and tricks about social media. I found the course very informative and the applications sound easily adaptable to my current job.

Talent Acquisition Partner
Johnson & Johnson

Good content balancing theory, best practice and adptation to the attending audience. Overall well spent money!

Head of Multi-Channel Marketing

Useful tips & tricks to activate our own employees on our social media channels Opened my mind to the new way of recruiting & communicating. I'll go home with a lot to think about.

Talent Management Specialist
INEOS Styrolution

All learned is applicable right away in cooperation with existing clients. We can now get ahead of our current market situation and also learned few new approaches which will help us with the arrival of new clients, and in later period with the improvement of existing KA organization.

Sales Director

This 2-day course shed light on the definition of KAM, WHY KAM , managing the relationship/s, entry strategies and team selling/approach. The concepts shared on this course was easy to grasp, practical with excellent user-friendly tools that would be useful to implement in any business environment. It will for sure improve my future business development and my KAM role, as the course was of good structure, very well presented and contained a lot of useful information. I will certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be successful in this role.

Hospital Channel Manager

The three important points i'm taking away are: how to check candidates' profile in the network, importance of company branding (e.g. video about life inside the company) which attract quality candidates, and in fact how important social network policy is.

HR Business Partner