About OGI Europe

We dedicated the last 10 years to finding the best available experts across all fields to enable our clients get everything in one place rather than search for solutions each and every time in different places. Whether it is sales, marketing, human resources, project management or anything in between, high quality of delivery as well as constant search for innovative solutions is a given. We specialize in customized training solutions which are tailored to your business. In addition, we run a number of open trainings throughout Europe to allow our clients to inspire their top people individually whilst benefiting form the OGI seal of quality.

Our programs' added value compliment your internal curriculum and help to bridge the potential gaps between the emerging needs and your pre-set internal education both in individual development & overall strategy. We're proud to having been working with some of the most successful companies such as Mondelez, BASF, Sanofi, UniCredit, Microsoft, Orange, Nestle, Henkel, Estée Lauder or Samsung. .

OGI Europe Kft.
Buda Center Offices, Hegyalja út 7-13. 1016 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: (+36) 1 408 8189 Support: wecare@ogieurope.com