Strategy + Innovation + Leadership
Business Innovation Program

This is an incredibly inspiring program for business leaders and shapers. It combines new ideas and insights from the world’s most innovative companies, with the best approaches to making sense of changing markets, developing better strategies, then aligning your business to deliver more effectively, with profitable growth.

The program will be stretching and inspiring. It brings together new leading-edge content, with practical case studies and techniques, group experiential learning, and personal development. Participants also bring and work on their own projects and challenges to maximize the impact the program will have on their own organizations. The program is completely customised to your business, working with internal teams addressing your big issues, and developing new ideas, strategies and solutions, ready to make happen.

Growth Strategies
Business Design
Smarter Innovation
Leading Change
Growth Strategies

    Growth Hackers: Making sense of a fast changing “kaleidoscope” world, exploring the drivers of market disruption, and learning from the world’s most innovative companies who are shaking up every market right now.

    Future Possibilities: Exploring the best new opportunities for your business, the potential of new technologies and new markets, Asia to millennials, blockchain to gene editing, focusing on the best sources of profitable growth.

    Change the Game: Exploring what it takes to be a Gamechanger, to harness the power of audacious ideas, intelligent networks, and enabling experiences to change the way customers think, and your market works.

    Innovative Strategies: Developing a strategy that shapes the future in your vision, that embraces disruption and innovation, reframes your business around an inspiring purpose, focusing on where and who to maximise value creation.

    Outcome: You will develop a future-back Strategy Roadmap for your business, with stretch and direction, whilst retaining focus and agility

Business Design

    Design Thinking: Harnessing the techniques of customer deep dives, insight generation and rapid prototyping to develop new hypothesis and creative ideas to solve the right problem better.

    Customer Propositions: Turning insights into compelling propositions for each of your target customer segments, focusing on the “job to be done” and how to enable customers to achieve more.

    Business Models: Exploring the advanced business model canvas, including 36 optional models, and understanding the implications across your business, and in particular how to realign organisation and partnerships for future growth.

    Business Model Design: Developing a blueprint for your business future, that combines your proposed strategy, customer proposition, and business model, ready to test with colleague and customers.

    Outcome: You will develop a new Business Model Canvas driven by your chosen strategy and propositions, ready to test with customers.

Smarter Innovation

    Business Future: Learning from business and customer feedback to improve your strategy, propositions and business models. Refining your blueprints including the complexities of multiple audiences, business units and solutions.

    Future Story: FInalising your concept, and presenting it in a clear and compelling way using the presentation technique of Pyramid Thinking, that focuses on making it essential and indispensable to your decision makers.

    Customer Experiences: Mapping the customer’s steps, how you enable them to achieve more including new ways to add personalisation, collaboration, new revenue streams, and deeper engagement.

    Smart solutions: Delivering to customers with more innovation product and services, creating distinctive brand icons and storytelling, in a way that shapes the market to your advantage, and uses a fast, lean-thinking “build test learn” cycle.

    Outcome: You will develop a Customer Experience Design that will inspire, engage and enable customers to do more.

Leading Change

    Horizon Planning: Mapping out your implementation plan from the future back, understanding the outcomes, metrics and then deliverables of each horizon and how they fit together as a compelling future brand story.

    Making Change Happen: What it takes to change people and process, business and markets. Thinking through the steps of change, from engaging stakeholders to social mavens, lean thinking and pivot evolutions.

    Growth Accelerators: What makes growth happen faster. In particular we focus on exponential drivers of addictive ideas and intelligent networks to accelerate your innovation adaption rate, and return on investment.

    Inspired Leadership: Bringing together the opportunity for you - to be a better leader, and make change happen. Defining the role of leaders in each of the phases, to ensure delivery of practical action, and exponential results.

    Outcome: You will develop a Growth Horizons Plan to deliver fast implementation, quick wins and sustained performance.