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KAM Development Program

A long-term development programme based on a suite of nine workshops, including two sessions for the leadership/sales management team. The programme is divided into two streams: (Key) Account Management and Selling Skills. Delegates can enter and leave at any point deemed appropriate, based on a pre-assessment made between themselves and their sales manager, using the ‘Performance Map’© tool.

Post workshop assessments will also be made, using the same process and tool, allowing the tracking of individual and team development. The assessment tool will be introduced as a part of the leadership/sales management team sessions.

Do you suffer form these problems?
  • No measures for profitability
  • Short Termism from the top
  • Sizeism – ‘big’ doesn’t mean ‘key’
  • Resistance from the sales team
  • Too much bureaucracy
  • Too many key accounts
  • Inappropriate ‘Operational Excellence’

Looking at your company, do you see?
  • Large accounts increasing their buying power
  • Modern buyers wounding your profitability
  • A revolution in their buying practices
  • Value based vendor ratings
  • Open book trading
  • Regional and global purchasing
  • Supplier positioning and rationalization

This program will show you how to:
  • Maximize customer retention
  • Win new accounts against the top competition
  • Secure your customer relationships
  • Understand your customer’s values
  • Achieve profitable Key Supplier Status
  • Develop profitable added value propositions
  • Align your whole business behind a kam strategy

KAM Development Program
Account Management Stream

The KAM modules will of course be designed to focus on the particular challenges of your market, and will take full not of current approaches, including Portfolio Management and Customer Journey Mapping, the latter being a key ingredient of the KAM task. The best KA training is always achieved when done with ‘live’ KA Teams, enabling us to focus on real and current challenges. This will very likely require the involvement of non-sales functions, and will also need to consider the wider membership of KA Teams for pan-European customers.

KAM Development Program
Selling Skills Stream

The intention of these modules will be to consider selling skills within the KAM environment, a circumstance which adds significantly (by the nature of the contact matrix) to the challenge of listening to the customer, and formulating appropriate responses from the team. It will become clear after the KAM modules how wide the net should be thrown regarding delegates for these modules, but it is anticipated that it will involve those in non-sales functions who have direct customer contact through involvement in KA Teams.

(Key) Account Management I
  • The planning process
  • Customer Classification & Distinction
  • Relationship Management
  • Analysing and influencing the customer’s decision making process
  • Contact strategies
  • Towards Diamond Teams
Essential Selling Skills
  • Understanding the buying process
  • Understanding the selling process
  • Building 1:1 rapport
  • Questioning & Listening skills
  • Developing a persuasive value proposition
  • Closing the sale
(Key) Account Management II
  • Business Analysis
  • Developing the Value Proposition
  • Joint Planning
  • The KA Plan
Presentation Skills
  • Prepared presentations and feedback
  • Presentation styles
  • Presentation structures
  • Practice sessions with video supported feedback
Understanding the Professional Buyer
  • Buyer Types
  • Supplier Analysis & Supplier Management
  • Buyers Strategies
  • Buyers ‘Tricks’
  • Price versus value
  • Negotiation role plays
Negotiation Skills
  • The ‘Communication – Persuasion – Negotiation’ spectrum
  • The 9 points of persuasion
  • In search of ‘win-win’ outcomes
  • Competitive versus Cooperative negotiation
  • The 5 Steps of Negotiation
  • Negotiating Price