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Negotiation Skills Program

Projects and programs require a number of core elements to succeed and it is the role of the project and program manager to develop and deliver these elements. This set of courses are designed to show how to develop these project and program management skills and well as showing how to implement these skills in your environment.

  • Focus and implementation of definition, scope and success criteria.
  • Thorough and detailed analysis of project and program case-studies.
  • Measured project success using time, cost, benefit and the value definition.
  • Understanding program management decision and analysis modelling.
  • Transition to project management to lead and managing successful teams.
  • Being able to meet the education requirements for the PMP certification.

Participants are introduced to the critical steps which constitute the process of negotiating. They will gain an insight into how to prepare for any negotiation drawn from both theory, best practise and the experience of working with many of the leading companies in the world. We use a range of communication methods to transfer knowledge and provide hands on practise to cement learning.

    Understand the Process

    Build Negotiating Self Confidence

    Learn How to Prepare for a Negotiation (Be Ready)

    Gain a better understanding of the Other Side

    Discover How to manage it to advantage.

    Decide When to Negotiate? Identify Opportunities.

    Learn how to make the Other Side Negotiate.


Participants will be able to apply the theory they have learnt in practise. The whole workshop is designed to build confidence, control and courage. By the end of the workshop it will be possible to put the new-found skills into practise. Many delegates find that they secure significant financial gains and quicker deals almost immediately. This is a highly practical course involving plenty of face to face negotiating. It is designed to allow participants to focus on each phase of the negotiation; explore, experiment and test ideas. We use a mix of video recorded sessions, discussions, exercises and lectures. It is fast moving and highly enjoyable.

    You understand the Process, but now to learn to Negotiate for Real.

    Learn to apply and develop the skills of the Negotiator.

    Understand when and how to use the key tactical ploys and gambits.

    Practice reading the Other Side.

    Build a Strong, Positive Personal Negotiating Style.


This special module is designed exclusively for experienced negotiators who want to take their skill levels to higher levels. You know that to stay sharp your skills need constant and regular checking, testing and improving if you are to stay ahead. You already know how to negotiate and have attended intermediate (or advanced) courses, but want to push yourself to even higher levels of performance. This is an essential part of your Leadership and Continuing Personal Development. This is ideal for fast track talent programs.

Extensive Practical Casework with expert analysis.

Bi-lateral and multi-lateral negotiation scenarios.

Simultaneous casework to test competing strategies and styles.

Smart coaching to apply pressure and tension.