Partnership Program
for Business Schools

In a world of seeking knowledge, both your scholars and our clients are looking for the same thing: to bring their skills to an even higher level. As your executive education and our professional trainings complement each other, this partnership aims to provide reciprocal exposure to our audiences. OGI Europe wants to promote closer alliances between the business sector and schools.

Depending the size of the attendee group, OGI Europe courses are available upon demand, and can be organized at your venue. Your candidates and faculty can also attend the courses in an open setting, by joining other professionals across Europe. Your tutors can take on guest speaking spots on our training programs, and promote your organisation while networking with your potential scholars.

few of the organisations attending our courses

for Media Outlets

By the very nature of our events, we attract audiences that are not only high level and clearly segmented by sector and role, but by definition are both influential and in search of information. If you are an association, publication or portal relevant to one or more of our events, then our audiences overlap and it is only natural that we work together to enhance each other to benefit our community.

We can offer you communication opportunities across our campaigns, our web sites as well during our events, and our subject matter experts are at your disposal for interviews to be published to your audience. Whether it's new trends, future challenges and solutions in 2017 and beyond, you may leverage the global experience of our network, as can we your channels to reach out to your audience.

few of the organisations we have been working with