Real Time Marketing

People are being bombarded with more marketing messages than ever before. As the cost click continues to rise and click through rates plummet through the floor, marketing departments are having to sing for their supper. Campaigns slowly but surely grind to halt, while ROI come crashing down like a house of cards. You've probably experienced the cold harsh realities of "banner blindness" and a less responsive digital consumer. That is why we want to help you stack the deck in your favour by inviting you to a sure-to-be sold-out training on: "Real Time Marketing". It'll help you light a fire under your digital campaigns, allowing you to target and reach the perfect customer at the exact right time, even in this ever changing landscape.

  • A forgotten physiological tactic to make a visitor ALWAYS click your banners over someone who's cheaper, has twice your marketing budget or has been around longer.
  • The ONLY two things you should pay for online.
  • The thing almost all brands do to try and get customers that actually can repel them twice as fast.
  • 6 blazingly obvious steps to dramatically improve the response of your digital activities overnight. The best part is it costs very little in time or money, yet could double the chances of customers buying from you again.
  • What brands do show a visitor they are needy and desperate for the click and ruins their chances of building a bond forever.
  • We'll share with you the single most powerful thing you can do find your perfect customer online.
  • How to pinpoint and strengthen parts of your digital sales funnel that will build epic amounts of good will and a lasting impression with every visitor that comes in contact with your brand.
  • The five things you can do in the critical 10 minutes after someone has clicked on your ad to make them a brand advocate for life. Including 3 things you've probably never heard of.

Two times #1 Amazon Bestselling Author on the topics of digital marketing and business-building online. His books, distributed in over 175 countries, show business owners how to dramatically increase leads, prospects and sales while minimizing their marketing expenses. On the international stage he's been referred to as a "Direct Response Aficionado on Steroids." His raving 40,000+ fan base on social media lap up his hurricane of ideas, step by step strategies and no-nonsense approach to making stuff happen online.

Few of the companies he has worked with over the years: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Citrix, Center Parcs, Tefal, BBC.