Strategy + Innovation + Leadership
Strategic HR Program

Whilst this training program uses benchmarks and case studies from leading organisations around the world, it also focuses specifically on the requirements and opportunities within your own organisation. We strongly recommend that our Strategic HR training program is conducted with the HR senior management, although different people may also be brought in for some of the development sessions.

The advantage of this approach is that as well as developing their own strategic capabilities, the programme results in the creation of new plans, programmes and processes and practices, all designed to increase HR’s contribution and impact to the business it operates within.

Developing an HR strategy / a strategic approach to HR
Best fit innovation in recruitment / learning / performance management / reward
Process design, organisation design and organisation development
Strategic measurement, analytics and reporting
HR business partnering
Developing an HR strategy

  • Overview of the development workshops
  • Adding and creating value in the organisation value chain, with examples and reflection on opportunities for creating value within participants’ own organisation
  • The need for best fit people and organisational management activities with examples for organisations with different types of business strategy
  • The need and opportunities to collaborate with other business functions
  • The strategic opportunity of using new workforce technologies
  • The growing role of design thinking
  • Developing / updating / articulating the organisation’s HR strategy using an HCM value matrix
  • Preparation for the group’s role in extending and cascading the HR strategy and plan
Best fit innovation in recruitment

  • Cascading the HR strategy down into at least one functional area (recruitment / learning / performance management / reward) to illustrate the value and opportunity of this process
  • Problems in traditional approaches and the opportunities provided by new ways of undertaking the particular function (new tools and technologies, new roles and capabilities, etc)
  • Extending the organisation’s HR strategy / HCM value matrix within the functional area
  • This development session may need to involve some members of the HR leadership team together with relevant members of the functional area
  • Focus on the value of project governance and leadership to project manager
  • Present and use challenging project management tools (i.e. KPI’s, estimates, resource planning, etc.)
  • Demonstrate how to manage projects from a program level (i.e. multi-projects)
Process design, organisation design and organisation development

  • Supplementing the role of people management activities in generating better people outcomes with organisational management activities aimed to creating a more effective organisation
  • The use of process design to design and improve HR processes as well as to offer this capability to business clients, including practical experience in redesigning an HR process
  • Reviewing and updating the employee experience
  • Organisation design models, tools and approaches and a review of the organisation architecture in participants’ company
  • Organisation development interventions, and the opportunity for undertaking these alongside HR and organisation design activities, including practical experience in an organisation development activity
Strategic measurement, analytics and reporting

  • Identifying strategic measures and metrics to support objectives in the HR strategy
  • Choosing the right measurement mechanisms to capture the right data
  • Different forms of benchmarking and the use of benchmarks to provoke and inform, not to suggest particular activities
  • Different types of analytics and the value of the HCM value matrix in informing descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Reviewing potential analytics to use to add insight to, and improve the HR strategy in the participant’s organisation
  • The use of visualisation and storytelling to improve HR reporting
HR business partnering

  • Using a partnering approach to improve HR’s strategic role in an organisation
  • The role of the strategic partner - more tips on linking HR’s focus to business needs
  • The job of an embedded HR professional - developing strategic HR at a local level
  • Managing projects and change - new insights into change management to help implement business and HR projects effectively
  • Managing relationships to ensure HR has the credibility and respect it needs to partner effectively
  • Developing influence within and beyond participants’ business
  • A final review of the future of work - staying prepared for the next set of changes
  • An opportunity to discuss any remaining issues and opportunities