We all need feedback on our performance and behaviour in order to identify our strengths and potential development needs. Self-awareness is a powerful basis for effective leadership and management, but it is something that many of us do not always have the time and opportunity to really develop, reflect upon and respond to. In addition, it is sometimes difficult for us to give others open, specific and balanced feedback. This may be because of a concern about being seen as critical or a lack of process, opportunity or time.

  • Introduction to 360-degree feedback as a structured process that provides a person with relevant perceptual information about their leadership and management behaviours
  • Ways to interpret the feedback for performance in role and preparation for the next position
  • Uncovering blind spots, resilience & building confidence
  • Feedback as a continuous process rather than a yearly one off
  • Awareness of perceptions and the importance of managing perceptions
  • Paired exploration and structured learning exercises
  • Traditional 360 feedback development versus strategic change
  • Development through allowable weaknesses & limiting weaknesses
  • Development through spikey strengths (McKinsey research)
  • Team 360 feedback
  • Focus upon behaviours that drive performance
  • So what & now what? Action planning, support structures & consistent change

Chartered & Registered Occupational Psychologist, MA (Hons.) Psychology, MSc Organizational Psychology, Dip. Business Performance Coaching, Accredited APECS Executive Coach, AFBPsS, Legacy Fellow CDI & MIOD. He has 13 years executive education lecturing experience with Cranfield School of Management (FT Ranked top 10 in the world for 3 years for Customised Executive Development 2015) and has designed and delivered talent development programmes with RBS, Barclays Corporate, Mott MacDonald and the UN, etc. in addition to teaching over 5,000 international MBAs. He has worked with global fortune 500 companies and has a background in management consultancy to FTSE 100 companies.