The command and control approach to leadership favoured by many specialists yields a low return and traps managers into low trust relationships. Delegation is often impaired and the team's potential is poorly realised. Adaptive Leadership is based upon quality choices about what we prioritise. How we focus our attention guides our ability as leaders to co-ordinate the impact of our staff, suppliers and partners. Developing conscious leadership awareness and strategic agility allows people to perform to their best and get the best out of others when they need it most. For us this is the foundation of transformational leadership development.

  • My Leadership Journey
  • Storytelling activity
  • Hero's Journey Paradigm
  • Personal 'Grail'
  • Models of leadership & your philosophy of leadership
  • Challenges to your model and how you continue to learn
  • Leadership derailers & individual report
  • Power
  • Forms and role models of leadership
  • Culture carriers
  • Optimising self and business performance
  • Core strengths & authenticity
  • Harnessing your signature leadership style
  • Leadership transitions
  • Moving from regional to global agile leadership via IQ, EQ, PQ & SQ
  • Letting go of old mindsets that block performance
  • Building executive and management capability
  • Networks
  • Creating high performance cultures: conditions for inevitable success
  • Resilience & mental toughness
  • Executive outlook & achieving CEO status
  • 7 surprises of CEOs
  • Onboarding, your first 100 days and beyond

Chartered & Registered Occupational Psychologist, MA (Hons.) Psychology, MSc Organizational Psychology, Dip. Business Performance Coaching, Accredited APECS Executive Coach, AFBPsS, Legacy Fellow CDI & MIOD. He has 13 years executive education lecturing experience with Cranfield School of Management (FT Ranked top 10 in the world for 3 years for Customised Executive Development 2015) and has designed and delivered talent development programmes with RBS, Barclays Corporate, Mott MacDonald and the UN, etc. in addition to teaching over 5,000 international MBAs. He has worked with global fortune 500 companies and has a background in management consultancy to FTSE 100 companies.