Brands are the most powerful platforms to accelerate growth. A great example of this is Ferrari, with its recent $11 billion IPO. Whilst the business certainly has a great heritage, it is not fast cars that investors are interested in. It is the brand. Ferrari only sold 1699 cars last year, generating $600m revenue and $70m profit. Therefore a business valuation 150 times larger than annual profits must have an incredibly powerful asset, that can unlock future growth. In particular the opportunity to shift its meaning from fast cars, to luxury lifestyle. However most business leaders don't really understand brands, dismissing them as superficial or fixed assets. And most brand marketers don't focus on the strategic opportunities for brand-centred business growth. Yet be it the innovation of new products and services around it an existing market, or through brand extensions into adjacent categories and geographies, either directly or through licensing-type models, the brand can take your business further and faster, at less risk and less cost.

  • Brand context: exploring the customer and business context for the brand, and how it fits
  • Brand strategy: defining a brand more powerfully around "what it enables people to do better"
  • Brand proposition: making the brand relevant to each audience, in practical and valuable ways
  • Brand architecture: making sense of the brand family, and how multi-brands work together
  • Brand narratives: developing a compelling story, inspiring, relevant, social and evolving
  • Brand extensions: exploring opportunities to extend to new audiences, categories, geographies
  • Brand value: capturing the economic value of the brand through metric-based management

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