This highly interactive workshop is geared towards senior and middle managers who work with diverse teams and/or across national borders. During the first day we will explore the participants' own cultures and what others might find difficult to understand or interact with. Different concepts of basic assumptions, norms, values and artefacts will be investigated and their effects in managing colleagues and teams will be explored. Next, participants will understand diverse cultural models and how to deal with cultural dilemmas. Several 'tools' are introduced (Culture Onion, Ladder of Inference, MBTI) and participants will engage in a large cross-cultural negotiation exercise. This will lead to a discussion of integrated, responsive and authentic people and leadership approaches.

  • Key cultural approaches, using insights to managing across cultures
  • Hofstede & Schwartz: Creating a culturally sensitive organization
  • Ladder of Inference around different values (e.g. notions of punctuality)
  • Trompenaars & Hampton-Turner: Overcoming cultural dilemmas
  • Negotiation across different national cultures: PowerBank Exercise & MBI
  • Authentic leadership & consistency across regions
  • M&A integration across international boundaries
  • Strategic Intent & Cross-border realities
  • Dynamic Research Case
  • Culture Web and application own company
  • Successful global work & Silvio Napoli Case
  • International Strategies and Structures
  • The expatriation cycle: Individual and Organizational Perspectives
  • Culture shock, adjustment and cultural identity
  • Career (Capital) and global leadership implications
  • Making it all work, transfer into own working
  • context

BSc, MSc, PhD, AFCIPD / Professor of International Human Resource Management, Cranfield University, School of Management, UK, Director Cranfield Masters in Management, Editor The International Journal of Human Resource Management. Published more than 100 academic and professional papers and reports. He is the lead author of three books on international HRM and global careers, part of the acclaimed Routledge series on global human resource management.