The boundaries between digital and digital marketing are moving closer together. It is no longer enough for today's connected businesses to have a team of digital marketing experts and inspiring leaders. Today's successful business drive a culture of change and innovation throughout their entire business. With the exponential growth in technology, and businesses ever increasing need to remain relevant to a more fluid and ever connected audience, it has never been more important to embrace digital throughout the business, not just as part of the marketing mix. Our Digital Innovation course covers a wide range of topics, helping today's leaders feel more empowered and confident when addressing digital challenges in the future.

  • A deep dive into the impact digital has had on businesses, and how sectors have irrevocably changed.
  • Where does digital fit in the mix? Why are you there? Why should your consumers be there?
  • The Importance Of Agility.
  • The Need For New Business Models.
  • What trends in the digital space are shaping consumer and brand behaviour?
  • An honest look at the biggest trends and identify in which you can capitalise capitalize.

Lead Tutor of Google Squared Online, international speaker, trainer and consultant, having worked in 18 countries across 4 continents. His vast marketing and business building experience has resulted in him being recognised as an authority on digital marketing and aggressive business growth, having a no-nonsense approach, and for practicing what he preaches. Regular guest and keynote speaker and his informal and interactive approach continues to entertain audiences globally.