Strategy is about purpose, direction and choices. Growth is the platform to create a future strategy – how to grow profitably and sustainably – by seizing the best opportunities of a changing world. The problem is, most companies develop strategy based on extrapolating their past success – trying to squeeze a little more out of the same old model. Yet we all know that what made us great, is unlikely to make us great in future. How do we reach new markets? To Asia or South America? How do we extend to adjacent markets? New products, or services? The “future back” strategy development approach jumps to the new context, then uses horizon planning to define and prioritise the roadmap to get there.

  • Growth Drivers: Exploring change, customers and technology, driving new opportunities
  • Future Vision: Shaping our vision of the world we want, and our mission and goals to succeed
  • Strategic Choices: Defining the strategic options for growth, where and how to compete
  • Horizon Planning: Working from the future back, to define phases of sustained action
  • Inputs and Outputs: Prioritising the input activities, and output results, for each horizon
  • Growth Quantified: Defining the revenues and costs of each horizon, to build a business case
  • Roadmap Definition: Integrating then strategy as a roadmap of prioritised action for growth
  • Future World: making sense of the changing world, and specifically your own markets
  • Strategy Framework: a defined vision of the future – our purpose, mission and goals to achieve it
  • Growth Roadmap: a clearly defined strategy for delivering and sustaining profitable growth

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