Innovation is an increasingly important capability for all organisations and will be even more important once the economy improves to help businesses capture new market opportunities. This is a big challenge for HR as although having the right processes and technologies is important, innovation is mainly about having the right attitudes and behaviours, supported by the right culture. It's therefore unfortunate that HR is often seen as an inhibitor rather than enabler of innovation. This session will cover the main things HR professionals need to know to support, and even lead, the innovation agenda within their organisations, and also look at how HR can develop more innovative approaches to its own processes and support. Through leveraging these opportunities, HR can substantially increase its credibility and contribution, and the impact it has on the organisations it works within.

  • The Role of Technology.
  • The Psychology of Innovation.
  • Design Thinking.
  • HR Supporting Innovation in the Business.
  • Developing Social Innovation.
  • Opportunities for Innovating HR.
  • Transformed HR processes and practices.
  • Developing HR's Innovation Capability.
  • Improving Decision Making.

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