The overall aim of every company/KAM is to achieve Key Supplier Status for if you cannot, KAM is always going to be a hard struggleis to help This KAM module is designed to focus on the particular challenges of your market, and will take full note of current approaches, including Portfolio Management and Customer Journey Mapping, the latter being a key ingredient of the KAM task Delegates will work on live customer issues throughout this workshop, developing live plans. As an additional help in achieving your goals, you will be given a unique designed Performance Map tool, before attending the workshop, and receive by return a personalised 'Map' showing your strengths, weaknesses, and critical focus areas.

  • Develop a robust process for Customer Classification and the identification of true Key Accounts.
  • Develop a Customer Distinction strategy designed to match your resources effectively and efficiently to the market opportunities.
  • Be able to develop and deliver true, customer focused, value propositions.
  • Develop the skills of joint planning – working with the customer.
  • Develop the format for practical KA Plans.

An unrivalled knowledge of the subject that has established him as one of the world’s leading authorities in KAM and GAM, backed by the writing of the two best selling books on the topic "He" has the ability to help delegates assess their current level of KAM performance, and so identify their personal development needs, and the ability to ensure that delegates will apply their learning well after the workshop is finished.