Participants are introduced to the critical steps which constitute the process of negotiating. They will gain an insight into how to prepare for any negotiation drawn from both theory, best practise and the experience of working with many of the leading companies in the world. We use a range of communication methods to transfer knowledge and provide hands on practise to cement learning.

  • Understand the Process – we cover the key steps in the process; identify the critical skills to be mastered; learn the first steps in managing one’s way around the process.
  • Build Negotiating Self Confidence – In understanding what the process is all about and comparing the skills needed with one’s own skill set helps to establish a personal negotiator’s development plan.
  • Learn How to Prepare for a Negotiation (Be Ready) – The essentials of best practice in being ready to negotiate.
  • Gain a better understanding of the Other Side – An introduction into the strategies; tactics; gambits and fundamentals in gaining that better understanding of the person across the table from you so you can “get an edge”.
  • Discover How to manage it to advantage.
  • Decide When to Negotiate? Identify Opportunities.
  • Learn how to make the Other Side Negotiate.

One of the UK's leading international Negotiating Coaches and Consultants with a wealth of high level experience. He has worked with CEOs, Directors, senior and middle management teams across many and varied businesses and government sectors. He has trained and coached well over 7,000 senior staff over the years. His experience has taken him on assignments to The Far and Middle East, throughout Europe and to Bermuda and North America.