The two days course is developed by leading scientists from the University of Amsterdam and participating in Neurensics, world's first and biggest MRI neuromarketing agency, together with their internationally experienced market researchers and neuromarketers. In the course you will learn the cognitive processes and unconscious brain functions behind consumer behavior. You will be taught in finding the buttons in to brain to push and understanding their underlying emotions, decisive for success. Doing so, you can evaluate your own work and the work of your colleagues and partners like consultants, creative agencies, producers etc.

  • How does our brain function? How does the brain give value to stimuli and how does this internal valuation determine the decisions we make?
  • How to measure the brain and know what the consumer really thinks?
  • Neuromarketing in the economy and society off- and online. What is the added value of neuromarketing to a company and to society?
  • Neuromarketing and neuroscience research in practice . How to interpret and understand these research analysis?
  • How do you apply Neuro-Insights in your daily practice?

Having studied over 2,000 marketing stimuli, using more than 45,000 MRI scans, he is is undoubtedly one of the most experienced neuromarketers in the world. He is a seasoned adman and held a top-10 position of most awarded sales marketing creatives in the nineties. His passion for sales activation, his broad background in advertising and unique neuro-insights, made him write a book and numerous articles on neuro-marketing. He is founding father of the NMSBA; the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, uniting the world neuromarketing industry. His experience in the cross over between marketing, advertising and neuroscience makes him a frequently asked speaker all over the world.