This insanely interactive course is hand-crafted for anyone in the creation and promotion of content. This includes those who write, produce or distributing content across social media channels. General flow for the day: In the morning, we will cover the basics of the real-time marketing mindset and the importance of your written content strategy. In the afternoon, we'll cover the tactics, content creation tips and tricks as well as measurement.

  • How To Create Attention-Getting Content.
  • Brave, Actionable, Likeable, Long-lasting, Surprising, You-centric.
  • The Power of Insights In Creating Social Content.
  • How to uncover insights that leads to better work.
  • How To Create A Channel Strategy And Calendar.
  • We will demonstrate how a channel strategy can guide your efforts and allow you the freedom to be flexible with moments that pop up that you couldn't predict.
  • How To Create Sample Content For A Specific Brief.

Award-winning keynote speaker, content strategist and copywriter energised by brands who get and keep attention in brave ways. Best known for co-authoring Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Realtime Advertising and co-founding Urgent Genius, the world's first blog dedicated to real-time creativity, in 2010. Employing a wildly different approach to inspiring clients, Jon invents interactive games to help you think clearly and make quickly. He brings the fun to the Cannes Lions and SEAT (Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology) festivals. He speaks regularly at South By Southwest Interactive (SXSW) and now serves on their programming committee.