The taught techniques and skills combine fundamental actors’ skills with modern leadership theory and are highly interactive, giving everyone the opportunity to learn through participation. This is not simply a presentation skills course but a transformational event, helping people both to attract and challenge their audiences in a way that leads to inspired action.

  • To enable leaders to communicate effectively in an increasingly complex environment, in which they need to be able to communicate with authority, credibility and clarity.
  • Engage audiences' minds and emotions.
  • Speak to diverse interests and backgrounds in a way that can provide the key to securing support and commitment from colleagues and customers alike.
  • Move people and create impact.
  • Draw on powerful communication techniques so as to inspire others to get great things done.
  • Tell the necessary story of what needs to be heard and/or what needs to be done.

Accredited in the Saville Wave personal assessment tool and is a certified Belbin team roles trainer. He trained in Dialogue with William Isaacs from the Sloan School of Management in the USA and ran Dialogue and Tough Talking workshops over a four year period at the Cranfield School of Management in the UK. He is also an advanced level mediator, helping to resolve workplace conflict. With a PhD in experiential learning he brings depth and insight to behavioural changes that advance personal and career development. The emphasis of his teaching work is on how to influence others through one’s own presence, bringing a sense of fun to a highly impactful learning process.