This workshop will give you the tools and the roadmap you need to develop strategies that take advantage not only the new marketing opportunities offered up by digital, but also the new sales channels and customer service platforms that digital can provide. Utilize the new opportunities for brands and customers to collaborate, helping you develop both products and services; by understanding the impact digital has had on placement, product, promotion and price.

  • Being able to undertsand where search fits in the dynamic customer journey.
  • Learning how to use a variety of search planning tools.
  • A greater understanding of the value of analytics data & how to use it.
  • A framework for creating more relevant, insightful on-site content.
  • Practical course setup enabling real-time changes.
  • Guidance on selecting third parties to help with search optimization.
  • Being able tomake sense the latest search algorithm updates.

Lead Tutor of Google Squared Online, international speaker, trainer and consultant, having worked in 18 countries across 4 continents. His vast marketing and business building experience has resulted in him being recognised as an authority on digital marketing and aggressive business growth, having a no-nonsense approach, and for practicing what he preaches. Regular guest and keynote speaker and his informal and interactive approach continues to entertain audiences globally.