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Pressure Management for Leaders

Good emotional health is at the root of being able to productively manage the difficulties, challenges and setbacks that our lives and jobs present us with and it enables us to keep issues in perspective so that we don’t feel overwhelmed by them. Logic, rational thought, creativity, deep analysis, future planning can all be hijacked by strong, primitive emotions, compromising our chances of success.

This course covers a diverse range of theoretical content, and importantly it also includes several practical techniques so that people walk out feeling empowered and confident that they have some real-world strategies to help them cope with whatever life throws at them, both in and outside of work.

Engaging Millennials

Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, but according to a recent Gallup Report – ‘How Millennials Want to Work and Live’, 71% of the Millennial workforce are either not engaged, or actively disengaged in the workforce today. Your Millennials are your brand ambassadors, and nurturing your talent is critical in creating the environments people talk about.

This workshop is designed to help young people in the early stages of their careers to ‘shine’ in their roles, and become more productive as a result. With competitive advantage found less in what you do and more in who you are and how you do it, this workshop addresses how to become a better WHO and offer a better HOW.

Business Innovation Lab

New business models are the most effective way to transform organisations, to innovate the whole way in which the business works. Inspired by a new generation of businesses – Airbnb to Uber, Dollar Shave Club to Netflix – we see dramatically new business models in every market, through collaborative platforms, data analytics and personal recommendations, or subscription-based payments.

We explore at least 64 different business model templates which could transform your business. We start with the customer, to explore emergent needs and behaviours, shaping better propositions and solutions, then exploring how to deliver them commercially, and as engaging customer experiences.

HR Innovation

Innovation is an increasingly important capability for all organisations and will be even more important once the economy improves to help businesses capture new market opportunities. This is a big challenge for HR as although having the right processes and technologies is important, innovation is mainly about having the right attitudes and behaviours, supported by the right culture.

This session will cover the main things HR professionals need to know to support, and even lead, the innovation agenda within their organisations, and also look at how HR can develop more innovative approaches to its own processes and support.

Gamification for Business

A cutting edge approach to marketing, gamification is the process of applying game design theories to everyday situations, including business.The concept is simple: redesign everyday routines, tasks and interactions to be more game-like and engaging, ultimately enhancing work & customer experiences to be more fulfilling, fun and productive.

This one-day course is for staff involved in marketing, HR or anyone who would like to improve their ability to persuade, motivate and influence people. It will suit both those with no knowledge of gamification and those who have used it, but are unsure how to choose the right strategy.

Social Recruiting & Employer Branding

Amazon, TripAdvisor, SkyScanner... and now Glassdoor, Kununu and Viadeo. Your employer brand is constantly being reviewed, talked about and seriously affecting your ability to recruit and retain the best talent. And the way we interact with active and passive candidates has changed fundamentally thanks to social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

This course covers both the strategic part of identifying, packaging up and communication a company's employer brand as well as using social and digital channels to engage and recruit prospective talent. Prepare for a day packed full of the latest thinking and best practice from the world's leading employers.