Wellton Riverside Spa

9-11 April, Riga

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Sourcing next-gen talent can be a nightmare.

They are almost always hidden, immune to your corporate branding, and close to impossible to engage. While we are still learning how to speak with Millennials, they are about to be surpassed by Generation Z, the so called Digital Generation.

It doesn't have to be this way.

We’ll give you 3 days with innovative hand picked experts on Employer Branding, Recruitment and Engagement, and fresh tech startups, who will show you how to find, persuade and communicate with to the people you need in the next 5 years. Simply put: this event prepares you for the future of recruitment. Hot & brand new insights, tools & trick you probably never heard of and fresh strategies that work.

Join us and be in control of your success!

Employer Branding

Even the world’s largest HR companies will always have the need to attract talent. Do people know what you offer? Are you really using the right digital channels? Can you do even better? Of course you can. Join us and we will show you exactly how!

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Recruitment & Technology

Maximizing your sourcing capabilities does improve your results and profits. But how and where do you reach out to your candidates while making sure they will not ignore the message, and what are the newest trends that improve candidate experience?

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Engagement & Retention

If you thought Millennials were hard to keep, wait until you try to retain the next generation. Both Millennials and Generation Z demand a different relationship with companies. Let's see how the world of work has changed and where competitive advantage can be found.

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Tech Demonstrations

App Screenshots


Neticle saves you time by finding and processing every relevant mention. Neticle boosts business decisions with automated text analysis. Neticle Labs is an online media monitoring and business intelligence services company that supports corporate decisions by getting insights automatically from online content or any given text.


Zapiens accelerates learning (so that new skills can be more rapidly acquired) and share knowledge. Turn any worker on a source of knowledge for the entire company. On top of the individual knowledge, build the collective brain of your organization and develop your own Artificial Intelligence systems, specifically focused on knowledge management.


The Owiwi platform is a revolutionary recruitment tool that takes the shape of an interactive, immersive game. The game is designed to measure a job candidate’s soft skills, which are skills that should go hand-in-hand with hard skills. Owiwi aims to redefine the online hiring landscape, one game at a time.


Staffino lets your customers share their best kept secrets. Who is the best of your staff, what is working well for your customers and what is not? Listening closely to their opinion will not only improve their customer experience, but also help you to increase their loyalty to your business.

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