23-24 April, Budapest

Digital HR Transformation

People and Organisation Development professionals work will increasingly be shaped by further advances in digital technology. If your desire is to be competent and confident about the latest technological developments and utilisation in the world of work of HR professional practice, then this learning programme is for you.

1 = specialists
2 = managers
3 = senior managers
4 = directors
5 = c-level executives
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Immerse yourself in learning about a range of new technologies that you can apply in your work and for your organisation. Experience how other organisations are deploying the latest digital tools to provide evidence and inspiration in considering how you and your organisation might utilise new and emerging digital tools and platforms;


Build a strategic approach to your plans for Digital Transformation now and in the near future including design and innovation methodologies used in the digital industry and create your own transformation and learning agenda to keep yourself informed and engaged in all things HR and Digital.


Build out the premise of 3 levels of „Digital HR” – Foundation, Developed, Advanced with scaled attributes in terms of: utilisation of digital tools and platforms, re-engineered processes and pathways, and mindset and ways of working


During the event, pairs and squads are created to match people with similar levels of digital „maturity” to enhance learnerexperience and collaborative learning – as much „hands on” as possible and pitched across levels of digital capabilities including design, production, strategy, communication, engagement & influence.


A new and highly regarded co-working, co-learning and co-creating collaborative digital platform is utilised for the learners to post learning content, create a repository of useful information and continue to be connected after event.

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