25-26 September, Prague

Managing The Relationship


By attending this program delegates will get a full set of analytical tools that help them to fully understand both the nature of their customers business and the way they make decisions. Delegates will work on live customer issues throughout this workshop, developing live plans.

1 = specialists
2 = managers
3 = senior managers
4 = directors
5 = c-level executives
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Key Supplier Status

Delegates will understand how to structure and use the collected information to their favor so they will be able to prepare true value propositions for their customers, negotiate with higher confidence, get in front of the real decision makers or if not possible then be able to influence them, engage and motivate colleagues to support them when needed, write proper KA Plans and as a result of all secure customer relationships and achive Key Supplier Status.

Performance Map

This key account management training program gives you the unique opportunity to self-assess your current KAM capability, and to receive personalised feedback on where your priorities for improvement should lie. Using our Performance Map© tool, you will complete a self assessment questionnaire before attending the workshop, and receive by return a personalised ‘Map’ showing your strengths, weaknesses, and critical focus areas.


  • Understand the purpose, benefits, requirements and implications of AM/KAM
  • Assess your current KAM status and identify the most important development needs
  • Be able to manage the customer relationship towards planned goals
  • Be able to identify and influence the customer’s decision making process
  • Be able to plan and implement a cross-functional contact strategy
  • Develop responses and plans designed to achieve Key Supplier Status

6 Facts About The Trainer

  • An unrivalled knowledge of the subject that has established him as one of the world’s leading authorities in KAM and GAM, backed by the writing of the two best selling books on the topic: Key Account Management (6th edition), and Global Account Management (2nd edition).
  • Twenty years experience working with the world’s leading businesses in a wide range of markets, including: pharmaceuticals, healthcare, FMCG, retail, specialty chemicals, and transportation.
  • A practical approach, based on a proven toolkit, that recognises the typical obstacles encountered by those on the KAM journey, and the ability to enthuse and motivate those people engaged in ‘making KAM happen’.
  • Global experience from working with clients in over fifty countries, and on all continents. A wealth of best practice in KAM and GAM, illustrated by live examples and case studies.
  • The ability to challenge those with long experience, encouraging them to broaden their horizons and engage with new ideas and approaches, and the ability to build confidence in those new to the task.
  • The ability to help delegates assess their current level of KAM performance, and so identify their personal development needs, and the ability to ensure that delegates will apply their learning well after the workshop is finished.

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