26-27 November, Budapest

Understanding The Modern Buyer


The buyers’ mentality and customers buying strategy has changed during the past decade. This workshop is designed to give you insight into the world of the modern professional buyer, and how you can turn their new ambitions and approach to your own favour as a supplier.

1 = specialists
2 = managers
3 = senior managers
4 = directors
5 = c-level executives
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Key Supplier Status

Delegates will understand how to structure and use the collected information to their favor so they will be able to prepare true value propositions for their customers, negotiate with higher confidence, get in front of the real decision makers or if not possible then be able to influence them, engage and motivate colleagues to support them when needed, write proper KA Plans and as a result of all secure customer relationships and achive Key Supplier Status.

Performance Map

This key account management training program gives you the unique opportunity to self-assess your current KAM capability, and to receive personalised feedback on where your priorities for improvement should lie. Using our Performance Map© tool, you will complete a self assessment questionnaire before attending the workshop, and receive by return a personalised ‘Map’ showing your strengths, weaknesses, and critical focus areas.


  • Understand the challenges presented to supplier by the modern professional buyer
  • Understand their ambitions and strategies designed to manage their suppliers (key suppliers or otherwise)
  • Develop the appropriate responses to these strategies, as they are relevant to a Key Account Management approach
  • Be able to prepare and conduct effective negotiations with those buyers, designed to remove the focus on price

The Seller

His experience took him to assignments in a wide range of industries and markets. He has a practical approach based on a proven toolkit, with the main focus being on the practical application of collaborative customer strategies designed to achieve key supplier status, as well the development of well aligned and directed cross-functional customer teams. He recognises the typical obstacles encountered by those on the KAM journey, and has the ability to motivate those people engaged in ‘making KAM happen’.

The Buyer

Active practicioner, procurement professional, specialist in turn-around. His approach is no-nonsense, upgrading the organizational effectiveness, thinks procurement in terms of value for the company, not the function. He provides a unique perspective into what your buyers think and do. He helps you to understand how to manage different type of buyers in different situations, how your buyers play their positions and what key aspects they are looking for, how to manage pricing to different customers, and shows you which critical mistakes are not to be made in the negotiation and contract processes.

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