Pressure Management
for Managers

19 November, Moscow
7 December, Budapest

The Course

Good emotional health is at the root of being able to productively manage the difficulties, challenges and setbacks that our lives and jobs present us with and it enables us to keep issues in perspective so that we don’t feel overwhelmed by them.

1 = specialists
2 = managers
3 = senior managers
4 = directors
5 = c-level executives
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Few words from a delegate

Logic, rational thought, creativity, deep analysis, future planning and mature reflection can all be hijacked by strong, primitive emotions, such as anxiety, anger and fear, compromising our chances of success.

This course covers a diverse range of theoretical content, and importantly it also includes several practical techniques so that people walk out feeling empowered and confident that they have some real-world strategies to help them cope with whatever life throws at them, both in and outside of work.

These clinically proven practical techniques are often cited by delegates as being the most useful part of the training and they distinguish this courses from those that are too heavy on theory and where the emphasis may be on over-complicated psychological strategies.

  • RESOURCES v DEMANDS: Ensuring positive pressure doesn't become negative stress
  • THE 3 Ps: A diagnostic algorithm to establish your best coping mechanisms
  • EMOTIONAL NEEDS: What they are, how to assess them and which ones may need work
  • RESILIENCE: 6 small steps to being as resilient as possible
  • THE RESISTANCE BRAIN: How to change your mindset when you get stuck
  • THE HAPPINESS HORIZON: Why wait to be happy when 3- minutes a day is all it takes?
  • EMOTIONALLY MEANINGFUL GOALS: Learn how to set goals that inspire and motivate
  • PERSONALITY & PACING: Gain valuable insights about yourself and people around you
  • HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE?: Identify the physical, psychological and behavioural warning signs of excess pressure in yourself and others
  • WHY WE NEED THIS STUFF: A group exercise that shows in a light-hearted way how quickly people make mistakes when under stress

Jon Bockelmann-Evans

Jon Bockelmann-Evans is a motivational speaker with a difference. As an experienced clinician and highly soughtafter Trainer and Conference Speaker in the field of Wellbeing, Resilience, Stress Management and Personal Development he puts his experience as an Emotional Health Consultant at the heart of every presentation he gives.

Jon has personally run more than 1,000 training courses on Emotional & Mental Health, Managing Stress & Pressure, Wellbeing, Resilience and Personal Development and spoken at more than 50 conferences, helping in excess of 40,000 people in organisations and companies that are incredibly diverse in size, structure and culture.

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