18-19 September, Prague

The Creative Negotiator

This is a course for your team, who are involved in formal negotiations; are being developed to participate in negotiating teams; are assisting in the preparation for negotiations. It provides a useful foundation as part of a leadership or change management program. This course essentially is designed to enhance your people and therefore strengthen the support they give you in business development.

1 = specialists
2 = managers
3 = senior managers
4 = directors
5 = c-level executives
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Highly Practical Course

This course involves plenty of face to face negotiating. It is designed to allow your team to focus on each phase of the negotiation to gain a proper understanding of the process; explore, experiment and test ideas. We use a mix of video recorded sessions, discussions, exercises and lectures. It is fast moving and highly enjoyable. Many delegates find that they secure significant financial gains and quicker deals almost immediately.

Interactive Negotiation Cases

Each Topic is covered starting with an interactive lecture followed by a negotiating case. Each case involves team selection; preparation; negotiation. Followed by detailed review. During each review insights are provided into the strategies and tactics that can be tried as the workshop develops. How and When to use particular gambits. .

We'll cover tactics for

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Building relationships
  • Creating and managing deadlocking tactics
  • Managing senior people, negotiating upwards
  • Coping with non-negotiable issues
  • Up-trading / down trading
  • Speeding up, slowing down and stopping
  • Closing options
  • How to handle difficult proposals and responses
  • Handling outrageous and unrealistic positions and demands
  • Managing aggressive and competitive negotiators
  • Using adjournments, creating space
  • Building powerful negotiating teams
  • Specialised note taking - an essential for the professional

Your Power Coach

One of the world's leading international Negotiating Coaches and Consultants with a wealth of high level experience. He has worked with CEOs, Directors, senior and middle management teams across many and varied businesses and government sectors. He has trained and coached well over 7,000 senior staff over the years. His experience has taken him on assignments to The Far and Middle East, throughout Europe and to Bermuda and North America.

He uses a fascinating range of proven and trusted techniques developed and polished over the past 30 years. His expertise comes from working at Board level for a world-class multi-site international business and as a Trouble Shooter. He has led large professional teams covering a variety of significant high level negotiations often in highly complex situations – in M&A, Procurement and Employee Relations.

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