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10-11 December, Courtyard Marriott

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What to expect

We’ll give you 2 days with innovative hand picked experts on Employer Branding and Recruitment & Technology, who will show you how to find, persuade and communicate with the people you need in the next 5 years. Simply put: this event prepares you for the future of recruitment. Hot & brand new insights, tools & tricks you probably never heard of and fresh strategies that work.

Focus of the day

Spend a full day with Karl-Johan Hasselström (Global COO) from world leading Employer Branding experts Universum. It will be a packed and interactive day where Karl-Johan will cover the latest trends and observations in Employer Branding both form a global and European perspective.


Global and European Employer Branding trends

Learn about the latest trends in the field and understand how Gen Z and start-ups are disrupting the workplace. Also learn about how Universum predicts that the HR Department will work and fit in with the overall organization in the future.


Best & Worst Employer Branding Campaigns

Hear about and see some of the best (and worst) practices when it comes to EB campaigns and learn how some of the most successful companies in this regard have cracked the code.


How to create the best Employer Value Proposition

Understand all the key components of a successful EVP, how to develop it and how to bring it to life. There will be a lot of myth busting and you will obtain a practical tool box that you could use in your strategy work going forward.

Few words from the trainer

Karl-Johan Hasselström is the Global COO for Universum. A particular passion of Karl-Johan’s is the EVP, as he has spent years helping Universum develop the strongest methodology and foundational data sets for building an EVP, ensuring that clients receive a strategy that is Attractive, Credible, True, Sustainable, and Distinct.

During his time in New York City and Stockholm, he has helped build strategies for some of the biggest and most important global brands in the world, including Goldman Sachs, Novartis, Siemens, P&G, Shell, Philips, L’Oreal, and Deloitte.

Focus of the day

Spend a full day with Josef Kadlec (former ethical hacker and digital forensic examiner) who is disrupting the talent sourcing and recruitment industry utilizing his cross-field experience. He will show real data and real techniques as well easily adaptable new technologies you can and should prepare for in the next 5 years.


Create Messages That Candidates Can't Ignore

Learn a set of easily usable technical tricks, that combined with marketing skills & proper leadership gives you results every time. A somewhat controversial approach, which is behind the success of Central & Eastern Europe's largest sourcing center.


Marketing Toolkit for Recruiters

You will see what the pragmatic purpose of building an employer brand for everyday recruitment routine is. You will hear the latest best practice in new social media formats you are probably not aware of at all.


Turn Passive Candidates Into Engaged Employees

Learn how to improve candidate experience & offer management. See a practical demonstration of emerging technologies in recruitment, participate in an interactive session, and receive a go-to list that you can put in practice.

Few words from the trainer

Josef Kadlec is a former ethical hacker and digital forensic examiner who went head over heels into the talent sourcing and recruitment industry utilizing his cross-field experience. Along with Milan Novak, he founded the international app-only recruitment agency, GoodCall (currently 140 employees), specializing in social recruitment for 5-person start-ups as well as 10,000 person Fortune 500s.

Jose has helped companies like ExxonMobil, Foxconn, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Nestle, Volkswagen, Adecco, Red Bull, Raiffeisenbank, Randstad, Merck, Ikea, Lenovo, Hilton and others to advance their talent sourcing capabilities.

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