Redefine HR Through Gamification

We're going to reveal how to use gamification successfully to take you to the next level in employee engagement and motivation. We'll help you to experience and understand the science and psychology of how gamification works so well. We'll dive into understanding which rewards you can add to your toolbox to help drive motivation for the long term, as well as to gain their engagement in new projects and changes in the short term.

the theory behind gamification
the four keys to fun
the practical areas in applying gamification to HR
the game mechanics for your gamification toolkit
player types, understanding employee motivations
and implement gamification & plan your follow-up

International speaker, trainer & adviser, Leader GAMIFICATION+, Chair of Gamification Europe & Entrepreneur in Residence. Pete took the number one spot on the “Gamification Gurus Power 100” in February 2016. Few of the many companies Pete worked with: Siemens, CapGemini, Heineken, Singtel, Allianz, Mazars, Allstate, Celcom, Maxis, Bank of Baroda, Flipkart, Cognizant, HSBC, Freuds, Central Bank of Brazil, First Cegoc, Sun life Malaysia, Lazada, NNL.

Create An Enviable Workplace

What makes your people tick? Have you noticed that the world of work has changed? These days to engage and retain your best talents especially if we are talking about Gen-Z, is less about what you do and more about who you are and how you do it. So what are the intangible attributes of great company culture that make your talents tick? And how do you motivate your people while creating an internal-external brand ambassadors?

and understand the motivations of younger generations
how ideal workforce has changed during past years
work related triggers that lead to employee happiness
emotional connection with stakeholders: importance of purpose & values
the physical, psychological and behavioural warning signs of excess pressure in yourself and others
and retain young talent to finally tackle the turnover
great employee peak experience: org. culture vs org. climate
the culture drive your game: what’s return on investment in culture
driven culture that drives the experience and engagement of teams

Andy focuses on helping young people connect with purpose and the vision of success, to become more motivated, engaged and productive in the workplace. In 2010 he founded Enviable Workplace, the company culture blog, an online resource to help companies create, communicate and measure great company culture, to better attract, engage and retain the best people in their marketplace. Since its beginnings, over 200,000 international HR directors, managers, employees and leaders have read or contributed insights. Prior to this he spent 15 years developing recruitment professionals and helping graduates and school leavers find competitive advantage in the recruitment process.

It's Time To Boost Your Brand

Is your employer branding Gen-Z ready? Does your value proposition hit their sweet spots? A strong employer brand is an essential part of your recruitment strategy, one of the main reasons why talents join your company. Both Millennials and Generation Z demand a different relationship with companies. They expect to build a personal connection with potential employers before they make a decision to even apply, and which offers they are likely to accept.

your employer value proposition: do people know what you offer?
the success of your organization's employer brandning
with exceptional candidates via social: a step-by step approach
the ideal brand experience for your candidates: best partices
a meaningful brand story: an effective activation plan
the best ways to showcase your company's culture to attract the best talent
the power of live video and instagram stories for successful recruitment
your candidates during the whole process: proven variations of social ads
important metrics of return on investment: the employer brand life cycle

Karl-Johan is the Global COO for Universum. A particular passion of Karl-Johan’s is the EVP, as he has spent years helping Universum develop the strongest methodology and foundational data sets for building an EVP, ensuring that clients receive a strategy that is Attractive, Credible, True, Sustainable, and Distinct. He has helped build strategies for, including Goldman Sachs, Novartis, Siemens, P & G, Shell, Philips, L’Oreal, and Deloitte. Prior to joining Universum Karl-Johan ran is own Employer Branding consutlancy firm for 6 years, which was acquired by Universum in 2007. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Create A Social Media Friendly Culture

Leveraging social media not only improves employee retention through better employee engagement, it also delivers quality candidates at a fraction of the cost. It ensures you communicate your employer brand in the right places. Social media for HR is not an option. It is essential. And whilst social media is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to HR, being a successful HR professional requires a new approach and a different skill set. We’ll teach you both.

the technology impact on communications
how to strategically approach social media
10 rules for creating compelling employer content
the ideal toolkit to manage social recruiting: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Social Video
the best way to screen candidates through social media
the candidate experience
proven stragegies for onboarding & social training
a toolkit for social policy & social governance

Charlie is an international trainer, author and consultant. Having worked in 18 countries across 4 continents, his vast experience has resulted in him being recognized as an authority in digital, having a no nonsense approach, and for practicing what he preaches. Praised for his entertaining and often controversial delivery style and his practical hard hitting content, his approach to digital has seen him work with brands such as Pepsi, Google, Experian, Nestle, Carlsberg and many more. Chris is not a theorist but a practitioner who very much believes in "walking the walk".

HR Transformation For A Digital Era

People and Organisation Development professionals work will increasingly be shaped by further advances in digital technology. If your desire is to be competent and confident about the latest technological developments and utilisation in the world of work of HR professional practice, then this learning programme is for you.

yourself in learning about a range of new technologies that you can apply in your work and for your organisation
how other organisations are deploying the latest digital tools to provide evidence and inspiration in considering how you and your organisation might utilise new and emerging digital tools and platforms
a strategic approach to your plans for Digital Transformation now and in the near future including design and innovation methodologies used in the digital industry
your own transformation and learning agenda to keep yourself informed and engaged in all things HR and Digital

Perry delivers the most energising, engaging and purposeful learning for people, each and every time he speaks, writes, designs, coaches, trains, consults or facilitates. His passion and vitality for the power in people, his commitment to innovative methods and his belief in positive outcomes in any situation, helps him leave a lasting impact on people & organisations. Latterly, he’s specialising in the future of work, social and digital learning projects; organisational development and building better work. He runs a global community of over 150 practitioners all building a better working future.